About Our Board


To promote environmental excellence through education and interaction


The Mission is to facilitate the exchange of technical and regulatory information among environmental professionals for the purpose of improving and/or sustaining a high quality environment in Florida, to provide education and training to our members and to the public with regard to our areas of expertise in environmental issues, and to encourage interaction of members, and further the objectives of the International A&WMA.



  • Promote information sharing
  • Grow Florida Section membership
  • Increase revenue to support new programs & scholarships
  • Energize Florida Chapters – Leadership Support
  • Encourage member involvement
  • Promote Student Chapters & YP development
  • Sponsor leadership training
  • Develop Chapter Websites

Meet the Board

Byron Burrows

Florida Section, Director
TECO Energy, Manager-Air Programs

Christina Akly

Florida Section, Education Director
FPL, Senior Environmental Specialist

Joe Applegate

Florida Section, Immediate Past Chair
Geosyntec Consultants, Sr Principal Hydrogeologist

Joe Brown

Florida Section, Director
Hopping Green & Sams, P.A.

Kevin Holbrooks

Florida Section, Vice Chair
JEA, Director Environmental Compliance


Susan Kennedy

FLAWMA Director
Regulatory and Reporting Manager, ESC Spectrum

Manitia Moultrie

Florida Section, Director
Golder Associates, Principal

Carl Eldred

Florida Section, Director

Veronica Figueroa

Florida Section, Director
Mosaic, Senior Engineer

Christine Schaub

Florida Section, Chair

Director/Conf Chair - Mike Kennedy

Liz Foeller

Florida Section, Executive Secretary 
Waste Management, Area Manager EP- Florida

Kaitlyn Watkins

Florida Section, Membership Director
FPL, Associate Environmental Sepcialist

Carl Eldred
Florida Section, Education Director

Lynn Robinson

Florida Section, Continuing Ed Chair
Montrose Environmental, Client Project Manager

Dr. Jiannan (Nick) Chen

Florida Section, Scholarship Chair
UCF, Professor

Sara Ahsan

Florida Section, Website Director
Graduate Student, Florida Atlantic University

Michael Kyhos

Florida Section, Director

Past Board Chairs


2022-2023, Joe Applegate 2014-2015, Chris Spire
2020-2021, Byron Burrows 2013-2014, Julianna Duckworth
2019-2020, Susan Kennedy 2012-2013, Stephanie Bolyard
2018-2019, Manitia Moultrie 2011-2012, Becky Heilman
2017-2018, Susan Kennedy 2010-2011, Jordan Haywood
2016-2017, Liz Foeller 2009-2010, Mary Archer
2015-2016, Mike Markey


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