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Get In Touch with the Florida Section

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More Info

For any questions about A&WMA membership, Florida Section events, or how to get involved with the organization, please complete the contact form to have our Executive Secretary contact you.  If you have questions about our local chapters, local chapter events, or how to get involved with local chapters, direct contact information is provided for each chapter below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Our Florida Chapters

Coastal Plains Chapter

 Greg N. Terry, P.E.  Jill W. Johnson, P.G.  Susan Butler-Kennedy, QEP
 Chair, Coastal Plains Chapter  Vice Chair, Coastal Plains  Secretary, Coastal Plains Chapter
  Air Program and Field Studies Supervisor  Senior Hydrogeologist  Senior Environmental Specialist
 Gulf Power Company  Geosyntec Consultants  Gulf Power Company
 gnterry@southernco.com  jjohnson@Geosyntec.com  skennedy@southernco.com

Location – Pensacola

Coastal Plains Chapter

Southeast Florida Chapter

 Craig Ash  Laxmana Tallam  Valerie Thorsen
 Chair, Southeast Florida Chapter  Vice Chair, Southeast Florida Chapter  Secretary, Southeast Florida Chapter
 Environmental Protection Manager  Environmental Administrator  (no longer in Florida)
 Waste Management  Palm Beach County Public Health  Environmental Resources Management
 cash1@wm.com  laxmana.tallam@flhealth.gov  valerie.thorsen@erm.com

Location – West Palm Beach

Southeast Florida Chapter

Tampa Bay Chapter

 Veronica K. Figueroa   Robert A. Velasco  Chris Bradley
 Chair, Tampa Bay Chapter  Vice Chair, Tampa Bay Chapter  Secretary, Tampa Bay Chapter
 Environmental Specialist  Senior Engineer  Senior Environmental Specialist
 Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC  Tampa Electric Company  Duke Energy Florida, Inc.
 Veronica.figueroa@mosaicco.com  RAVelasco@tecoenergy.com  chris.bradley@duke-energy.com

Location – Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Florida Chapter

University of Florida – Student Chapter

 Robert Nedbor-Gross  Tahmid Ibnat  Sarah Toth
 Chair, University of Florida – Student Chapter  Vice Chair – External, University of Florida – Student Chapter  Vice Chair – Internal, University of Florida – Student Chapter
 Graduate Researcher/PhD. Candidate  Undergraduate Student  Undergraduate Researcher
 Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida  Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida  Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida .
 rnedbor1@ufl.edu  tibnat@ufl.edu  stoth@ufl.edu

Location – Gainesville

University of Florida - Student Chapter